"Mission accomplished. It wasn't easy. Thanks for all your help and support, without which this would not have been possible." — J. Morrison, client

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a geriatric care manager do?

A geriatric care manager can help you with all aspects of care that the client, the elderly person, may require, from the initial assessment of the situation to choosing and even monitoring the best living arrangements and care. A geriatric care manager will also provide mental health counseling and support for the client and his or her family and concerned friends.

I can arrange for care at home or accompany you as you visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I can also arrange for placement.

As an expert in all aspects of geriatric care, I can coordinate your loved one's care and act as a liaison with family, friends and health care providers, now and in the future. As required, I can recommend providers. I also provide counseling and support for you and the family, as well as for your loved one, as you deal with these difficult and stressful transitions.

2. How do you charge?

The initial telephone consultation is free. After that, I charge by the hour.

3. Are your services covered by insurance?

Some long-term care insurance policies cover these services. Please note that Medicare does not cover these services. You should check with your insurance carrier.

4. How long will I need your services?

It varies with the nature of the situation. Some situations require fewer consultations, while others may require my services on an ongoing basis. I can provide you with a better sense of what your options might be at end of the initial consultation.

5. Who can use your services?

Often, it is the client, the elderly person, who first inquires about my services. Spouses, friends and other relatives, whether they live close by or far away, who need assistance with resources and immediate or long-term planning for the elderly person, also avail themselves of my services.

6. What geographical area do you serve?

New York City.

7. I do not need long-term care for a loved one or myself right now. Can I use your services to plan for the possibility of long-term care in the future before a crisis develops?

Yes. As a matter of fact, it is always a good idea to plan ahead. I can help you with overall planning for your future, including optimal living arrangements.